Lupe SHo!

Thursday, May 6, 2010
well this is definitely late since i got this info and pictures up on my tumblr pretty much the day after, so now i have ceased the laziness and decided to keep y'all in on the loop too!

and i REALLY need to get these damn pictures of my damn iPhone.

but mostly i wanted to keep you in the loop :{].

more pictures after da jumpidy jump.

token drunk girl, my personal fav of the night

keep it locked, there will deff be more to come but ofcourse technology has sent me through hell and high water to get just these up so looks like y'all will be practicing that patience virtue. :)
i've also taken the liberty to upload these fantastically low quality videos to the youtube. Find me @ xxxsparklypoptartxxx, feel free to leave me your love letters for that username there. and yea. subscribe. then proceed to watch, laugh, enjoy, cry, comment, spread the word, then repeat.
B.o.B. (who shut DOWN the house)

you know where to find me.

devan M

ps. team work makes the dream work.


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