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hello world,

one of my favourite models, and soon to be MILF Devon Aoki, was in this month's ELLE, looking absolutely beautiful, sporting Spring's colourful florals and bright colours, mixed and matched to perfection. it definitely makes me wanna be more abitious and try the mix/match trend.


 and while this is not part of the "parks and recreation" editorial, it's just kick ass.
all images courtesy of ELLE.

orange phlip

Thursday, January 27, 2011 0 comments

hello world, this is devan:

right now i'm mediumly obssessed with orange, yes, orange. Your grandmother's revlon OrangeFlip, orange. it just goes with everything like leather. i'm especially smitten with it on lips, Morange, Orange Flip and 017 are where my heart lies right now, but i'm never objecting to leather or vintage trousers like these ones by SMV.



i <3 you gemma

<-- look of the day.


you look so young, have you ever been afraid?

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hello world, this is devan,

as you know i like commas, so please allow this to be my version of the alot,everytime you see " , " imagine this now, ontoo important business, as soon as i can get my life together enough to take the pictures, set prices, write descriptions and make it pretty i will be putting up a plethora of vntg jewelry i've recently found from Rosalie and Josephine, so, theres that.

this weekend was one full of being all dressed up with nowhere to go, which i'll probably wear tomoro por esquela, so i'll snap snap and put it up here. and here, and here, and here. and here

also, thanks so much to Olivia, for the vintage shorts, their beauttiful, looks with them are sure to come superdeeduperdy soon.

it's almost my birthday :D. <--- that's how i'm starting to feel.

( don't i look organized?)
i like you



lust list ca. now.

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as of late i've become slightly obsessed/infatuated with double ply garments (ie: skirts, like this one de la Dimepiece and nasty gal). so in the usual fashion of divide and conquer, i rangled mi madre into helping me out with this project, i can make this... right?

we'll find out.