i'm irratated.

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i was trying to post my mother's day video with all my half caffs

and youtube shut it down.

>:( so i'm irratated. and so as a result i'm going to still post the video only manually.

you'll see.

check it out.

all my love

devan M

New Drops

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Hello World,

This is Suai. I've really fallen off the blogging band wagon and let ya'll hangin'...=_=' sorry about that, it just seems that between trying to hustle up a job and finish up these last two weeks of school it just CANNOT be over. But: THe good news is i have some new joints i'd like to put up for discussion!

First on the chopping block:

Aloe Blacc- 'I need a dolla' if you've even seen one episode of the cult show (at least my cult) HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA you've heard that Uber catchy theme song of the really cool voice and dope as hell beat.  Pretty much it follows Aloe's story of getting laid off, drinking, and redemption. It has a very old sound which is very refreshing as a break from mainstream anything, as it is a follow follow game. It's a really great song in general but especially as a warm up song for the party your throwing this weekend for Sr. skip day or as a hustle focus turn on song.

Bottom Line: Great for Pre Party Warm Up mingling music, or as a game face on song.

Bruno Mars- Ft. B.o.B. and Cee-Lo: "The other side", I didn't like this at first but it deff got better the second time i listened to it and really listened. Bruno gives us a really nice warm warm up to the song and provides a nice constant hook for the whole song Cee-Lo provided a nice contrast in pitch and Bobby Ray gave great flow. It really sealed it all together to keep us listening as it gave that little bit of hip hop that you're looking for.

Bottom Line: Good song to listen to with your girlfriend in the car who only sorta dables in music. If your girl is dope as a pipe and really delves into it skip this one over.

Yonas- It couldn't be done: At first this may seem like too light weight a beat for you music coneseir, but really sitting down and listening to this was really reminiscent of Lupe, in the sense of the truth being spoken and sweet, warm beats constant in the background, This is the perfect song for your outdoor kegger friendly holesome get-together with your pals. It will keep people on the dance floor as the simple yet effective hook will keep 'em entertained enough to wanna sing along.

Bottom Line: Great for that cookout you were planning, not so much for the general 'Bad Ass' playlist though.

K. Sparks: Go Harder: Well already i love the name as it just oozes bad ass music. The initial hook isn't bad either, it's smooth and ear catching and makes you wanna move...hella slow. That contrasted with the fast as lightning flow being spit creates teh perfect atmosphere. Great for the club that your working later, or mid party when everyone is too tired to dance to say 'I'm goin' in'.

Bottom Line: Great for that mid time party or club when everyones sugar levels are at a low.

Now, i'm a little late on this next joint but it's worth noting again:

The Dream ft. TI: Make up Bag: Just what you'd expect from the Dream, smooth, easy to dance too, beautifully written (not that i'm saying that's a bad thing), great hook, enough so that if you don't understand anything else that he's saying you'll wanna keep listening. Great Joint for my Ladies!! Great for the clubs to slow everyone down and let everyone dance up on that fine thing you've been eyeing all night.

Bottom Line: great for the clubs to dance up on that sexeh thing you've been eyeing all night, or for your house party to get people dancing slow.

Taio Cruz: You know, the one with Kesha's 'Dirty Picture' well his new jawn, is on the same lines as DP with the heavy electrics and repetitive wording but i mean it works for him, I don't think it's especially special in the hause department but it's ok, it'd be great to get people back out onto the dance floor after it's been kinda hyatis-y.

Bottom Line: Great for getting the energy back up but i wouldn't use this as a follow up beat to anything Greatness.

Clinton Sparks: ft. Jermaine Dupri- The beat instantly catches attention, and sustaines it with the heavy bass and drum machine, not in a bad way either, GREAT Jam Skate song. It is great for the floor, as people can easily follow along to the beat. It's actually pretty really good, I would deff take this one over the song above this. It's great to get the energy of your party up and get people on the floor. Deff will have peoples moving.

Bottom Line: Great to keep/get the energy of the club or party your working, even a school venue because it's pretty low on the vulgarity scale, even less work for you. Score.

Well, that's all for now folks.

Keep it locked pretties. And induldge yourself: Subscribe, we both know you want too.

all my love

devan M.

My Review of The Good Money Tee in White

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fricin fantastic

By Half Caff from Dallas, Texas on 5/16/2010


4out of 5

Fit: Feels true to size

Length: Feels too long

Pros: Stylish, Great graphics, Soft, Versatile

Cons: Dry Clean Only, Loses graphics color, Loses Shape

Best Uses: Wear To Work, Casual Wear, Wear to School

Describe Yourself: Urban, Classic, Trendsetter, Hip, Up on the know, Trendy, Sexy, Eclectic

great shirt! when I first got this the graphic was just like it looked in the picture!!! I was so excited the colour was AMAZING and everything but after the first wear the white of the tee got all over the graphics and the fuzz dulled down the colour, so now I tell people it's a fifty fifty vintage made, because it totally fits that way!!! overall I would definetely buy this and other proucts from ginormos again.



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the month long stint is being continued even though  mother's day is long an over, hope you all treated your mommahs well. onto the picture parade---->

don't even ask me how i found this!! I know it's probably exploiting their memories, but it's SOOOOOOO PRECIOUS i cannot HELP but put it up!!!! This is true love right here and it completely warms my heart. So precious. ^-^

I would give a brief bio, but really it's not neccesarry,,,haha,,,so yea....yea...

keep it locked.

all my love

devan M



Dear Forum,

Lupe SHo!

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well this is definitely late since i got this info and pictures up on my tumblr pretty much the day after, so now i have ceased the laziness and decided to keep y'all in on the loop too!

and i REALLY need to get these damn pictures of my damn iPhone.

but mostly i wanted to keep you in the loop :{].

more pictures after da jumpidy jump.

Mother's Day Ep. 1

Well, as I promised i am officially making this the first installment in the Happy Half Caff Mother's Day.

as i promised i am featuring me and my mommy for the first episode.

This is me and my angel of lovelyness, Sandra Smith.
She has been in the music industry for a good long while and has made quite a name for herself. She is strong, and independent and funny, and the best. My mommy has been my guardian angel since before i was born. She helps me 100% in every endeavor i have ever engaged in. Whether it be dance, academics, makeup, styling, modeling, acting, you name it and she has been there every step of the way to make sure i get everything i need to succeed. That's why i love her and want to homage her, especially today. Te quiro mucho, mami. I always love you. *blows Kiss*

all my love,

devan M

ps. you gotta be in it to win it.

It's that time of year again

        In honor of half caffs the world over and the lovely mothers that brought them into this world i'm going to be doing a mothers day special. Homage to Celebrity half caffs. I'm going to be posting a picture (one a day for the duration of May) of them and their mommas' and a itty bitty mini bio. I'm featuring mommies because i feel that their is a special connection with mother and child, especially with me and my mommy.

i'm going to be starting off the celebration with me and my mommy (since you know this is MY blog) but anyway. Following my dynamic duo will be Drake and his mommy (and that has absolutely nothing to do with my itty bitty crush on him, you can print that) and then so on and so forth until i've filled everyday with a half caff, and have painted everyone's calender with the shades of black that their are!!!!

my point exactly ---->everyone of those people in that picure is atleast half black..

I'm way more than happy to feature you or a half caff you know on this page homage if you'd like, just message me and we will work it out!.


so to all half caffs (and not) out there, I'd like to be the first to wish you all a Happy Mother's Day and hope that you and your mommah's have buckets and tanks of fun and love!

all my love,

devan M