It's that time of year again

Thursday, May 6, 2010
        In honor of half caffs the world over and the lovely mothers that brought them into this world i'm going to be doing a mothers day special. Homage to Celebrity half caffs. I'm going to be posting a picture (one a day for the duration of May) of them and their mommas' and a itty bitty mini bio. I'm featuring mommies because i feel that their is a special connection with mother and child, especially with me and my mommy.

i'm going to be starting off the celebration with me and my mommy (since you know this is MY blog) but anyway. Following my dynamic duo will be Drake and his mommy (and that has absolutely nothing to do with my itty bitty crush on him, you can print that) and then so on and so forth until i've filled everyday with a half caff, and have painted everyone's calender with the shades of black that their are!!!!

my point exactly ---->everyone of those people in that picure is atleast half black..

I'm way more than happy to feature you or a half caff you know on this page homage if you'd like, just message me and we will work it out!.


so to all half caffs (and not) out there, I'd like to be the first to wish you all a Happy Mother's Day and hope that you and your mommah's have buckets and tanks of fun and love!

all my love,

devan M


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