Fall Whimsings

Thursday, July 21, 2011

iiiiii'm dreaming of a coooooooooool autumn/ with rich colours eevereywhere/ I'm dreaming of stepping out into the 60degree weather in Jet Black over the knee boots off-set by riding pants/nude corset with a sly sweater just off the shoulder (a la D&G/I'm dreaming of stomping down halls with draped silk streaming behind me like an electric mane of bright hair (like the possible mane that may be mine down the line/strawberry blonde with cotton candy manicpanic tips)

here's what i can't wait to do during fall:

-wear foundation and not have it sweat melt off
-Over the knee boots
-to mix fabrics and textures
-monochrome makeup; rich lipsticks, chocolate, plum, pumpkin spice
-riding pants
-fishtail braids
-spice up my hairs on my head, i'm feeling two-tone this year - more to come as the lust evolves

alas, we shall continue this lust list into the next couple posts.

i can't wait to show you more,

i love you,



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