and that country song would be called "THE GREATEST WOMAN THAT EVER LIVED"

Saturday, July 9, 2011

hello friends, i'm very, very, very sorry for being AWAL! So much has happend and I haven't been able to share for my camera charger was stolen :[, and ofcourse it was on it's last limbs/ but fear not, i'm here now! But let's start I got the most beautiful gift: A poster with my baby photos collage, a bottle of my coveted Dior Cherie, a steady job to desperately feed my pathetic high fashion/MAC addiction, and new tires, not on Devan, but that's a story for later. 

be good.



ps: on the line of changes, I am going to start trying to translate my post to Franska and Spanska, (shout out to my Swedish readers, some Svenska might come out, as my aunt's family is visiting form Stockholm and her adorable (and feisty) mommy doesn't speak any English. So yesterday I picked up quite a bit of Svenska when my translator died. TGFT right?  

but, i bid you adieu,



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