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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello World this is Devan,

and in today's installment i'll be loving we'll be discussing the "leaked" debut album by my future husband my favourite Half Caff, Drake.

Well sometime during the last week...or so, we all learned that the album had leaked, even though we pretty much had at least half the songs off the albums, (...'least i did..) so to find out i could have the rest of the lot, was just the icing on the cupcake. But don't go off and get the idea that i won't be supporting my love, i'll probably buy ten copies, i just needed to know what it was i was getting into.

Now, i'm going to divide this up in two ways: A) my unbiased completely brutally honest opinion on what i thought about it from a music person POV and B) my lovesick schoolgirl, love fest over the whole album from 0:01 minute(s). the words of janice ian: "Let's rock this bitch"

A)          the metaphors as usual were pure beauty, (ie: from concrete who knew a flower would grow?, come on, son! Can't top that!) and the collaborations with Alicia, wen't lovely-ly. But it was a little predictable with the commercial side.
            And Kanye West as a producer honestly isn't my favourite. On both of the tracks he prod on the album there are these pretty awful off-beat clic noises as if it's a secret message in cluzo. I thought that when i first heard "Find your Love", my sign was that anything at all could make me hate a drake song...there had to be a common denominator, which it was. not sorry 'Ye. um...really i thought he could've done a lot more with it, but then again, there are a MILLION different ways he could've taken it and at the end of the day it needs to sell copies (...cuz that'll be such a problem..) But i mean, let's stop acting like this'll be his first and last album, he'll be back.

B) Now, on to the love fest. I LOVELOVELOVE Alicia's Voice and mixed with his perfection metaphors, it was absolute divinity. If you don't already know, i'm talking about Fireworks. First song, check it out. it's comparible with 'Fear', if that helps.
Next song on the chopping block, Fancy, with T.I. and Swizz (it was a whole Beatz fam'ly deal). It's the best song off the album to play with your girlfriends as you get ready to hit the town (yea i just said "hit the town").  Show me a good time, and Light Up are pretty lust worthy too. It's probably the wording and the sound of his voice that makes me absolutely drool when they come on and hit the repeat 1 button.

well world, that's all for this segment.

all my love,

devan M


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