I know way too many people here right now, that i didn't know last year

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
First of all let me apologize for the delay. It has taken me three days to come out of the coma i was in that was enduced by all of our my favourite FAVOURITE canadian, you already know who: Drake. It seems that Young Money's prince has finally decided to bless us with the single off the ever-anticipated Thank me Later, "Over". And you already know how I feel about him it, if it was enough to send me into a comatose state. But aside from my bias towards the Super Canadian and his Ah-mazing song Fear (if you've never heard it before, steer off of this page and go bless your ears with it), let us break this one down and see what we were given. The first thing you here right off the bat is a dope orchestra-esque melody followed by Drake's gravely sing/talk voice uttering the verse (another classic) "I know way to many people here right now that i didn't know last year, Who the fuck are y'all?" followed by a sickly laid down verse only accented by the delicate twinkle-esque background accopanyment. Now, i won't lie, it's no Fear, but, DOES definitely ranks up there with Forever, in the chart-topper single sense. Without a doubt, it will get airplay. There is no doubt in my mind about that. And if you were waiting for some OMG blow your mind right out of your head so hard that there are pieces of it on the wall behind you ish, think about it: he has to get the hype back up again for the alleged drop in May. (we can only hope that he's sticking to this.) And i for one CANNOT wait for this to drop. Link to the song and pic after the jump.

all my love


Drake "Fear"


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