Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Hello World!!!

I just so happend to stumble upon the FABULOUS find like Alice did onto Wonderland (by the way, have y'all seen it? How is it?!). I was doing a lil e-shopping (my favourite guilty pleasure) and I saw this adorable little number that looked JUST like the Alexander Wang Dress that (my style hero) Rihanna and Paris Hilton were both spotted sporting (hehe ^-^ that sounded funneh) this stunner. The dress in question?
this one

here's Rihanna sporting it:

now TELL ME that doesn't look fabulous!?
Jealous right? Well don't go all green yet, you could have your very own very similar looking dress for the  exceptional price of $77. Where you ask? hit up Asos. You don't even have to type anything in, I've done all the work for you, :) aren't I just a darling? (that is in everyway retorical...i don't need an answer)

all my love



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