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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In these trying times, it is essential to buy things that have versatility and multiple uses, especially in fashion. Yes, that top might be cute, but how many times will you really be wearing that? And that is where many of us fall out. I used to be notorious for it, buy things wear them once and just think that it was such a shame i did that (buy them I mean). The real challenge is finding ways to make them work once they're in your possesion.

Case in Point:
This skirt I recently purhcased at Forever 21, funny little story behind this one. I was walking through the mall after a long day of radio and special appearances with my godmother and her artist, Omarion. We had just finished up the MLK day parade, and were on to the last event of the evening: an album signing (shoutOut: Everyone check out Ollusion! The album review will follow this post) at a music store in the mall when it hits me, I'm in a mall! Instead of just sitting here looking like a bum in the corner I could take my little hybrid self and go buy something for <$10 ( that was my food budget for the day, it always comes down to the age old question "Style or Substance) and i did! By sheer chance i passed this skirt on the mannequin and thought "hey i might as well go atleast look at it", so i turned back around and found it. For $6!! That's right Six dollars! PSH didnt' even matter if it looked good i was getting it!

Here are a few examples on how i worked this little number

If your confused as to why I'm sportin the loser L be sure to check out my review on Lupe Fiasco's Enemy of the State. If your confused as to who Lupe Fiasco is, take a moment, minimize this page, and google some of his songs, I would recomend, The Emporer's Soundtrack, Kick Push (one and two) Go Baby, and SuperStar, ofcourse, but be sure your  mentally secure, because he will surely blow your mind.

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