are you there summer? It's me devan

Thursday, February 11, 2010
it seems that the weather has decided to take a nasty turn (must be it's way of getting back at us for our hummers, *gasp* was that my outside voice?!). Translation: 4-6 inches of pure alabster fluff (snow, that is). And i have to admit, it was quite a nice change to the usual dreary weather :). Though it did make my heart sing a little lonely song dedicated to Chicago. :< do you miss me chi-town?!? I miss you! and in equal karmic order, snow (as all teens know) = no school! And i was determinded not to let the whole day go by without me atleast taking some shots (no one said upload). So starting at the crack of noon i devoted myself to slave away at taking just a few shots (can anyone say 200 hundred-ish). As small a task this may seem, not having anyone to actually take the picture for you can prove to be problematic. Quite problematic. I found the tripod, only it turned out to be a tripod for video camera's. psshhh no problem for this hybrid, a few strategic duct tape placements later i had somehow manuevered a TRIPOD *we are the champions proceeds to play in the backgroud* only to have the batteries in the camera die :[ *song abruptly ends*. But as we all in theatre/fashion (pssh what's the differenc?) the show must go on, so i was forced to my final resort- the cell phone camera. Not to say the iPhone doesn't take phenomenal pictures, it's just that awful factoid of actually seing the hand that shot the photo in the photo...? yea, but here is the biproudct of my day. more photos after the jump

i hope your eyes may feast upon the shots

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