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Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Wow Guys...So sorry for the lag in posting! I've been on a MAJOR work load taking me from Toronto to L.A.laLand then shooting down to the NE particularly Boston and NYC. Wow right? And to top it all off, i FORGOT my SD card for my camera! I know!! I was hella pissed to!! But Fear Not! I Still managed to snap a few dozen. :) Let's get staretd on catching up with each other, shall we luvs? I'll go first.

Food for Thought for a minute:

"anyone notice how GAP ads seem to make everyone pretty? IE Sasha Pivovarova and Anja Rubik, i know they've made Huge strides i just don't see their appeal, to me and in that ad campaign their all so sweet and pretty and feminine." food for thought.


it was some crazy shit Man! I mean it totally stole the spot for #1 University choce! I absolutely loved it! The People were amazing! Johnny if you are reading this, hit me up! You have to remember? It was really amazing. So much so i'm planning on going back for Christmas :D

Los Angeles:

They say you know when your home, right? Instantly landing on the tar mac, I could feel the back home feel of LA coming back to me. It was amazing! It's a little slower than i remember but depending on my genes and when they decide to kick in for my extra four inches, it's looking like a big option. :)

PS Beverly Hills High School makes Plano ISD look like the hood. No joke

i hope everyone enjoys the glossies :)

i love you guys.



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