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Tuesday, July 20, 2010
courtesy of Complex Mag, plus my own additions:

so I'm not gonna lie: i've been super slackin' on the music front of this blog which, is totally not fair to you guys, so let's kick it back off with some 11:23pm shuffle, shall we?

the ever amazing (but too underrated) j.cole has a new jawn out entitled: "Premeditated Murder", now now now i know: "you really want me to listen to a song entitled Premeditated Murder?? You must be hitten that pipe! I had the same reaction, just less dramatic, but giving my man the benefit of the doubt i gave the track a go, and JUST as to be expected, the ish is sick. no lie. check it out here.

Big K.R.I.T. "Hometown Hero", sick, the beat is great, just the right tempo to compliment every rapper's flow and Duffy Sweet icing on the cake vocals. Nuff Said. check it out here

Trey "Sexy" Songz, 'I want you', yes Trey, I want you too, but like i said...any way back to the song, It's Classic Trey: Slow, Sexy, What every woman wants to hear. grace your ears here.

John Legend & The Roots f/ Common & Melanie Fiona "Wake Up Everybody" Off The Roots and John's Collab album. A pure positivity song, beautifully sung by John and Melanie, whilst Common throws down and The Roots hold the whole thing down. here

Steph Jones's "Beautiful" straight dance track, super catchy and cute though. I could see this going either into like 1 rotation or go completely Kesha and go into completely heavy rotation. I see this being remixed with like Drake or sommin'. But we'll see.


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